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Before Dr. Lalit Chawla became a Physician he was a professional Illusionist (Magician). He incorporated his skills as a magician into the clinical practice of medicine and this concept has been enthusiastically adopted by other health care professionals.

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Dr. Lalit Chawla offers keynote speeches and training sessions to Medical Professionals. He has been a keynote speaker at dozens of conferences and special events. If you are looking for an engaging Keynote Speaker, please contact Dr. Chawla to learn about the various topics he can discuss during his Keynote Speech.

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  1. Keynote Speaker for Medical Professionals
  2. Training Sessions for Health Care Providers
  3. Motivational Speaker for Practitioners

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Dr. Lalit Chawla provides inspiring and educational speeches for special events and conferences.

Dr. Chawla is a Motivational Speaker from Canada. He offers speaking and education services to a Universities, organizations, and charities.

The best Motivational Speaker in Canada. Providing the world with high quality speeches and training sessions that aid your Health Care organization by engaging and inspiring your employees and volunteers.

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Welcome To Magic & Medicine

Dr. Chawla is a physician who is also a professional illusionist (magician). He teaches healthcare professionals how to incorporate magic within a clinical setting. Through workshops he teaches individuals how to become a magician, empowering them with the knowledge that they require to help build rapport with patients. Dr Chawla’s workshops are extremely entertaining and sought after.