My Story


Before Dr. Lalit Chawla became a Physician he was a professional Illusionist (Magician). He incorporated his skills as a magician into the clinical practice of medicine and this concept has been enthusiastically adopted by other health care professionals.

He has lectured on conflict resolution, effective change management strategies for individuals and organizations in and out of the health care setting.  His strong skills as an entertainer help make the events unique by them being  engaging, educational and empowering.

He continues to teach other health care professionals on ‘How to Apply Magic in a Clinical Setting to Enhance Patient Interaction’. He also has given lectures on health, wellness, success principles and leadership. Dr. Chawla’s lectures and workshops have been extremely well received nationally and he has shared his skills to help doctors in a variety of clinical settings such as the ER and their medical office.

He has also incorporated this into hospitals and started up magic groups in the rehabilitation environment. He continues to give workshops and has recently given this workshop again at the Canadian Paediatric Society Annual Conference and the Canadian Family Medicine Forum. The National Post and The Medical Post have written about him and his work.

He still performs magic shows and workshops at conferences. He loves to share magic as a tool to help bridge the gap between health care professionals and patients. Enhancing the therapeutic relationship is something very important to him.

He grew up in small village,300 people,New Sarepta, Alberta, Canada and graduated from Medical School from University of Alberta. He completed his residency in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His medical background is rich in experience ranging from addiction medicine to ER work and inpatient care.  He currently practices full time as a family physician in Southwestern Ontario.

Academic Involvement

Currently he is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, London, Ontario. Dr. Lalit Chawla is the physician lead for the Chatham MedQUEST clinical teaching elective, offered through the Southwestern Ontario Medical Education Network (SWOMEN), Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. Through MedQUEST, Dr. Chawla supports the medical students in their clinical placement opportunities, as well will oversee the career exploration program that aims to provide secondary school students, in rural and regional SouthWestern Ontario, with realistic, hands-on experiences in various disciplines of health care, including medicine.  He currently plays an active role in Strategic Planning of the Future Educational development of Medical Education at Schulich School of Medicine in London, Ontario.