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What People are Saying About The Book, The Magic and Dr. Chawla

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Some Quotes

(The book) turned me from a regular clinician into an awe-inspiring doctor. It’s truly magic when a petrified 3 year old comes into the emergency department and transforms into a smiling, cooperative patient after an instant of Dr. Chawla’s magic therapy.

Dr. Darren Nichols,
Associate Professor in the Departments of Family Medicine & Emergency Medicine
University of Alberta

Dr. Chawla has made the use of magic accessible in my practice. It is a great ice-breaker particularly with children I have started encouraging its use to medical students in clinical skills.

Keith W Wilson, BA MD PhD CCFP
President of the Saint John Medical Society
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Dalhousie University

Some Comments from the Family Medicine Forums

Best Session of the conference.

Awesome! Get him back.

Should be an annual lecture.

Very practical.

Very Entertaining.

Best Session EVER!

Great! The next paediatric /dementia/rehab patient-this will be tried out for sure!

I thought the session was fabulous! I now have some magic tricks to show off and hopefully use with patients!

Dr. Jessica Howard, Family Physician
Adjunct Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry,
London, Ontario.

I really found his book to be a great resource. I love how it has pictures and ideas to make it fit your own personality. It’s really surprising how magic really makes patient’s feel relaxed and comfortable. It’s probably the single best thing I’ve learned that has enhanced my practice.

Dr. J. Sondhi,
Family and ER Physician,
Ingersoll, Ontario

I attended one of Dr.Chawla’s workshops and found it to be highly entertaining and practical. I can see how this could be very useful in a paediatric or physical medicine/rehab setting.

Dr. Mark Soderman, Anesthetist, St. Thomas, Ontario
SWOMEN Anesthesia Academic Director

Patients are engaged in a new and innovative therapy and it is really fun to use and share. It’s a great practical concept and well worth the little time and effort that it takes!

Stephanie Vander Pol,
Chatham-Kent Hospital, Chatham, ON

It brings the Fun Back in Rehab.

Gail King,
Head of the Physiotherapy Department

The show was very well received by all of the department staff as we were all spellbound by his incredible talent and showmanship. Lalit’s ability to entertain and amuse the audience was exceptional. To this day the staff sill refer to that Christmas Party as the best that we have ever had, he puts on a show that will not soon be forgotten.

Dr. John C. Allan,
Assistant Director
Department of Radiology
Saint John Regional Hospital

The performance at the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine Annual Meeting in Saint John, NB was both entertaining and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend him as a Master Magician.

Dr. M. Raju,
Past President of the CSIM (Canadian Society of Internal Medicine)

While magic is seen as entertaining- and you certainly were – your session did much more than that. Not only did you teach our participants magic they could put into practice, you taught the importance of developing trust and report with patients, and how innovative tools like magic can be your medium to accomplish this. We heard great feedback from participants about your session and know that you added great value to our conference.

Gary Switzer,
CEO of LHIN (Local Health Integrated Network)
2nd Annual Erie St. Claire LHIN Conference

What Corporate Healthcare Clients Have Said:

I have known Dr. Lalit Chawla for about 2 years now and during that period he has performed on about six occasions. I would not hesitate in saying that his magic act is the finest and most entertaining I have ever seen. Over the years I have been to Las Vegas on four separate occasions and would ranking his act up there with the best Vegas headliners.

Dr. Chawla’s act leaves his audiences absolutely amazed. The feedback has been so extremely positive that I would strongly recommend him and give his act a big five star rating.

He truly knows how to illustrate meaningful topics such as leadership, conflict resolution, communicating, team building etc. in an extremely effective and entertaining manner.

I’ve never seen someone with an incredible skill set that has made learning fun. He has also some incredible insightful knowledge to share. A unique talent, he’s more than a physician.