The Magic Book & Some Excerpts from it

This book is a tale of two parts. The second part is really an extension of learning skills to become a magician.  As the subtitle says, it is the “How to” section and basically teaches you how to become a magician and use magic in a clinical setting.  It is designed so you can learn to be a magician by learning some amazing illusions in a short amount of time.

One terrible myth is that a person has to spend a great deal of time to learn how to do amazing tricks, which is simply not true.  I’ve taken field tested Illusions to help you learn how to do magic quickly, efficiently and amazingly with little to no effort; and just as importantly with little to no props. The goal is to connect and enhance the therapeutic relationships with your patients, which happens all the time when you use magic.

I’ve used all of these tricks and they have an incredible impact. Now, most people who buy this book do so after they have heard me give a lecture or workshop about “How to Use Magic and Illusions to Enhance the Doctor-Patient relationship”. In the lecture I teach the Illusions, but also give the background as to how it is used in the clinical setting.

I’ve been extremely grateful for the overwhelming positive feedback of what people have learned from the book, as well as the workshop. The creation of this book really came out of people’s request to have something tangible that they could walk home with after I had given one of my talks.  You certainly don’t have to have attended the workshop to get value from this book.

The few minutes you take to learn some of these effects will payoff in dividends. I have written some patter (speech) so you can see when and how a performer might use language in the midst of a trick.  I believe this will help you learn the illusions easier and so you can actually perform them.

Try it and see. I hope you enjoy this as much as others have and that it adds greatly to your repertoire of tools to enhance the interactions between people. For many who have used this they have found it to be very invaluable and easy to use.

The first part of this book came as a result of people asking me how I was able to marry the two concepts of Magic and Medicine together. There seems to be a genuine curiosity and interest regarding my life and the journeys I’ve come across.  I started writing vignettes that explore the world of Medicine, Magic and Illusions and areas that are common to the human experience.  With growing interest in these vignettes, which explore the Illusions behind the human spirit and human condition, I’ve decided to share them here more publicly as the first part of the book.

It was a struggle for me to figure out which part should come first, the vignettes or the tricks?  Since my life started before I learned magic, I decided to add the vignettes first and the magic tricks later.  However, in reality the magic in my life occurred long before the learning and creating of Illusions did anyway.  Confused or perplexed with this last sentence?  Well that was somewhat intentional and thus sets the tone for the journey of Magic, Medicine and Other Wonders.

The cost is $15 Canadian plus S&H.