Lectures & Workshops

Chatham, On. Photo by Tammy Foster/Brent Foster Photography


Dr. Chawla has given many talks to help individuals and organizations on how to enhance their communication, implementing conflict resolution strategies and implementing positive change strategies.  He also has given lectures to help engage health care providers and patients with “tools, tips and tricks” to deal with the challenges in the clinical environment and chronic medical conditions.  His lectures are interactive, empowering, educational and always entertaining.  He is highly sought after and enjoys connecting with people in this type of an environment while still finding time to maintain a full medical practice.


Dr. Chawla’s workshops are very entertaining, hands on and interactive.  He demonstrates and discusses with the participants how magic can be an effective tool in the clinical setting. He teaches individuals how to actually apply this in the real day to day world of of medicine. Participants walk out with the ability to perform magic. “My goal is for individuals is to actually learn magic. People are surprised how easy it is to learn amazing magic tricks. I been pleasantly surprised at the response and enthusiasm people have after they have attended the workshop”

Booking Information

If you are interested in arranging a lecture or a workshop for your own venue, please contact Dr. Chawla via the contact form or send him an email directly at info@magicandmedicine.ca